We live in a technological world with i-pods, mp3s, i-phones, computers, internet, television, cable, etc. Our lives are filled with media to a point of over flowing and not just any media--dangerous media full of violence, pornography, rude humor, and disrespect for authority, especially parents, but also teachers, principles, and other adults. The misaligned message that children are benevolent, good, and highly intelligent and parents are stupid, ill-spirited, and mean is weaved into every Disney theme and all of Hollywood's main stream media. It's powerfully pervasive.

One study found that the more teenagers watch television the higher the probability the teen will be involved in sex, have an STD, and become pregnant. Not a pretty picture. Certainly not one portrayed in the media. The facts are bleak and not readily shared with the public, because Hollywood has everything to lose. Movie stars, rock, and hip-hop singers drive sleazy fashions and rebellious trends in binge drinking, wild partying, lawlessness, drug use and overdose, and other self-deprecating behaviors.

But does anyone tell your daughter that if she dresses sexy she is extending an invitation for sex? Does anyone tell your daughter that girls who dress provocatively are more likely to be raped? Does anyone tell your daughter that the bait she uses determines the catch? Dress like a bar maid attract a porn-addicted crumb or "creepster." There are natural consequences in all that we do, however, Hollywood always skips over the terrible, nightmarish, ramifications of  poor, dumb, careless decisions.

It is Hollywood that made it fashionable to wear underwear as outerwear and prison attire as daily duds i.e. belt-less denim jeans worn below the bottom exposing underwear. Gosh! Prisoners might use a belt to hang themselves, thus the no belt look. And if trying to escape, a prisoner will typically "drop the pants" for movement and to remove any possible "handle." Hip Hop singers sported the look first and BAM! the teenagers followed. Whatever Hollywood and Pop Singers are doing is likely what your child is doing. The influence is astronomical and disconcerting to this Groovy Mom.

However, parents can take back control by controlling the media you allow in your home, your children to view, and the clothes you choose to buy and wear. If you purchase clothes from stores that promote values you do not want to propagate, then don't shop there. Don't fret, fabulous fashions are found in many stores that don't advertise pornography and group sex, i.e. Abercrombie and Fitch. But too few parents are making a stand, most are like willows in the wind, bending this way and that, with whatever fashion or trend is blowing in their direction. Modest is hottest. And if you don't believe that, then believe modest is most protective.

We (my husband, children, and I), personally, don't shop stores that advertise sleeze. We don't have any television. We don't subscribe to any magazines. We don't allow inappropriate catalogs in our home. We only rent and buy movies that have acceptable material. Best source to rent movies here. My children are fashionable, social, funny, smart, and stylish despite the garbage that swirls around them like a Las Vegas Vortex. Garbage in; Garbage out. Choice and consequences are irrevocably linked. You don't get to pick one without the other. We can clean up our media, be aware, and take care. You have the power within you to choose and to change.

What kind of influence does the media have on you and your family? Are you driven by the styles set by the magazines? How many magazines do you prescribe to or buy each month? Do you have cable, satellite, or HBO? How many hours do you and your children spend watching television or movies? What type of ratings do you accept--P.G-13, R, NA-17? I always go to http://www.kids-in-mind.com/ to check out content before I buy box office tickets or even rent. I don't want to be surprised. This is an excellent service and it's very inexpensive to become a member--like a dollar a month. I support this site and recommend it to all Groovy Moms. The site is free, but limited in service without becoming a member.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation on that site to check out the movie content! I'll be checking it out.

    Also,way to take control of the media you allow in your home and protect your kids!