Flu Season

There is a lot of hype in the media this year regarding the seasonal flu and swine flu epidemic. It's enough to get mothers really worried. But there are things we can all do to stave off the flu to the best of our abilities and be prepared if we or one of our family members contracts the flu.

First and foremost, frequent and effective hand washing is one of the best ways to fight bacteria and the spread of viruses. This means we use soap and wash hands for about 2 minutes. Dry hands using a clean cloth. We should instruct our children to use tissues to blow their nose and catch sneezes in the crease of their elbow or shoulder if a tissue is not handy and to dispose of tissues in waste containers promptly. Use hand sanitizers when soap and water are not available.

If you or your child has a fever, stay home or keep your child home to protect others from being infected. This includes, school, church, day care, stores, indoor play areas, etc. If you contract the swine flu, be prepared to be quarantined if you or your child is diagnosed. Have extra non perishable groceries and cleaning products on hand. If you have a cough, muscle and body aches, get lots of clear fluids and rest. Do not take aspirin or products containing aspirin for this may cause a very serious condition called Reye's Syndrome. Tylenol is best if you need an over-the-counter product to help with flu symptoms.

Take a multivitamin and drink 4 ounces of orange juice every day. Eat healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Smoothies, salads, and soups are an excellent way to get the vegetables and fruits you and your child need. See recipe section for some fabulous and anitoxidant filled recipes. Stay away from sick people and talk to your doctor to see if vaccinations are indicated for you or your children.

Due to shortages of the vaccine, it is recommended that people under the age of 24 and those with underlying health problems, especially asthma get the vaccination. You do not want to get the vaccination if you are allergic to egg or chicken products or thimerosal, have had Guillain-Barre Syndrome, or have a fever at the time of administration of vaccine.

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