Flash From the Past

Okay. "Life is just too twisted for color T.V." (Steel Magnolias) I keep experiencing flashes from the past. For example, my wonderful gal-pal, near neighbor is campaining for the guy who took me to the Christmas Dance my Senior year and is now running for the Utah State Senate. Vote for Mike! So crazy.

Then tonight, my daughter was just answered to the Christmas Dance by Wil of the famous Wil's Pit Stop. Wil's Pit Stop is where my girlfriends and I bought water grenades--green nobby things--in February of our Senior year. We had just finished cheering for our state champion Varsity basketball team. We were bored and looking for a little adventure in our college town.

So we went to Wil's. We purused the aisles and spotted these "narly" babies. A light bulb went on in all three of our heads. It was like we were in sync--we would buy these and throw them at pedestrians--innocent bystanders--who might be walking by or say standing in line at The Palace to go dancing.

We crafted our plan and loaded the car with the loot. We didn't bother to change out of our cheer outfits even though our transportation was a red rabbit covertable with the rag top down. But we were thinkers--Straight A, honor students, leaders of school spirit--We brought blankets for our bare legs. There was no time to change when you have water grenades.

We drove along Canyon Road and threw a few balloons at pedestrians along there. We really felt the heat when we dashed by The Palace and tossed water "grenades" at people's feet. They yelled out obscenities and disapproval. Then we were back along Canyon Road when Cami, who was driving, did not come to a full stop at the red light before turning right.

The next thing we knew, red lights were flashing and a siren was sounding. A cop pulled us over, walked over to our vehicle and demanded to know why Cami did not come to a complete stop at the red light before turning right. She blurted out, "because I was going too fast!" Not as smooth as we would have expected from Cami.

Then the officer firmly asked, "what's under the blankets?" Cami replied again, "water grenades!" with a shaky and cracking voice. Lori and I were doing our best to stifle laughs--mouths covered with our hands. He further inquired, "what were you planning on doing with the water grenades?" Cami blurted out with a firing of broken syllables, "hiiitttt peeoopple!"

The officer went to his cruiser to write a few things down for the record. We sat nervously in the car awaiting our punishment, when we heard over the officer's loud speaker, "GET THEM OUT AND BUST THEM!" Cami managed through deep sobs, "GET OUT YOU GUYS! WE ARE BUSTED!!!" 

Lori and I could not hold it in any longer...We errupted in hysterical laughter. Once we composed ourselves a little, we explained to Cami, "NOT US--THE BALLOONS!"' She had completely fallen apart by this point. More belly aching laughter. Well, we did get out of the vehicle and bust our water "grenades"--purchased from Wil's Pit Stop--on the sidewalk just South of the BYU football stadium. I have tried to find water "grenades" since-- just for nostalgia, but have not been successful. These were mega water balloons--extra tough, extra stong.

Disclaimer: This was probably the pinnacle of my delinquent behavior as a youth--brownie scout honor!! (I was a brownie scout.) Notice the gold ropes draped around our necks for graduating with honors. We were standing just a block East of the said incident.

To add to my 80's nostalgia, I was driving through town and spotted The Ghost Busters (one of my five year old's favorite movies next to Star Wars and Gremlins.) The guys were outfitted in tan, one piece liesure suits with badges bearing their logo. It was so random and funny. Who are you going to call? GHOST BUSTERS!!

To add to the "its a small world" theme, one of the guys in my Morp group-date my Junior year is now my children's pediatrician and a good one for the record.

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