Gone Country

With the "Hannah Montanna Movie" out, Taylor Swift sweeping the nation with her style, original songs, All-American Country Girl good looks and charm, and of course, the Pioneer Woman Cooks phenomenon--blog and book sensation, I think I want to go country!

Are your heart strings ever pulled toward wide open spaces, quiter times, pastures, red barns with peeling paint, rusty retro trucks, porch sitting, lemonade sipping, dirt roads, green tractors?

All this pining is enough to make me want to pack my bags and move to Preston, Idaho! REALLY. I lived in Rexburg, Idaho when I was 9 and 10. My Dad was the head football coach for Ricks College.

I picked and ate raspberries from the Zirker's bushes in their backyard, played on mounds of potatoes piled sky high on truck beds, and floated down the canal on diesel truck inner tubes. I wore jeans and plaid shirts every day. These were my Huckleberry Finn Days!

My brother and I built a tree house from scrap wood we found. We hung our clothes out on the line in the bakckyard and shoveled coal to fuel the furnace. Coal is jet black, dirty, and sordidly sooty. One Summer when my Mom was out tanning her legs with her friend Beverly in the backyard, a moose ran through. It created quite a stir in this small college town. The police were chasing it in their black and white cruisers. It made for a very exciting afternoon for grade school kids. The house we rented was situated across Smith Park. The house's paint still showed flood water lines from when the Teton Damn broke in the 1970's. I loved hearing the stories about that fateful day from friends who lived through it. The local church had only 3 inches of water in it after the flood hit. The town swarmed the hills and college which was built on higher ground. The story is wrought with folklore and intrigue.
Your photo challenge of the week is to "Go Country." Find an old barn, green pasture, hay bales, jeep, orchard, etc to take pictures in/with. Enjoy Y'all!

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