What Are You Going to be on Halloween Night?

Halloween could not have been more pleasant. The weather was dry and warm. The kids were so very cooperative and amiable. They went trick-or-treating with their wonderful dad. The neighborhood was a hive of activity and festivity. The costumes were creative. The spirit was positive. We enjoyed one neighbor's monster house and homemade scones and doughnuts at two other friends's open houses. We gave out candy bars and eyeball gumballs.

Photography lesson: If you are going to take pictures outside, wait until the lighting is right. In the fall, there is actually more flattering light than in the daylight hours of Summer. Darth Vador, The 1920's Gangster, and Pirate were all taken during prime picture taking time. The Fairy and Wolves were not. Notice a difference?

A note on the wolves: They near scared me half to death. They came to the door and stood there without so much as a growl. I had no idea what I was dealing with. Then gratefully they took off their masks and revealed their identity--Five of Joe's former Sophmore Football players. Only then did I let out a nervous laugh and sigh of relief. My heart was still thumping inside my chest. Good thing I have low blood pressure. Gosh!!

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