Hollywood Inspired

In this polaroid, I'm little girl on the left wearing a red and tan floral 70's style dress. This one of my all time favorite pictures.

Inspiration for ideas and fashions come from many different things including movies, pictures, pop culture icons, songs, etc.

In the fashion industry, styles are recycled about every 20 years. Yes, there may be some slight variation of style, but is in essence a revisit to thirty something's glory days of youth.

Marketing analysists aren't stupid. They appeal to people's yearnings for youthful, bygone days. Styles touch on nostalgia and consumers swoon.

"I remember argyle, rugby and polo shirts, Izod, leg warmers, Gloria Vanderbilt tapered jeans, and short boots."  With wistful thoughts, we stroll through the Mall and "ching, ching" plunk down a chunk of change-- now that we can afford the fashions we may have only longed for in Junior High and High School.

Movies are a great way to predict upcoming fashion trends and styles. If a film is a blockbuster, you are sure to see designers capitilizing on the popularity by creating similar fashions or style of clothing worn in the flick. Take The Hannah Montanna Movie for instance. Have you ever seen so many plaid and buffalo checked button down shirts in years? How about sun dresses paired with traditional cowboy boots? Ding! Ding! Fashion driven by movies. It also helps that Taylor Swift is the most popular young singer in the world.

With that said, be careful not to dress too youthful. Save your nostalgic fashion purchases for your teens. You may incorporate a few elements of current trends, but don't go hog wild. Wear an oxford shirt belted at the waist with a pair of tapered jeans (in your size) and short boots. You will be swept back to your youthful days without looking like your trying too hard to stall your youth. I love seeing my teens wear rugby and plaid shirts. It just makes me smile. They are darling styles.

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  1. The first time I saw Billy bob thorton, he was wearing an Izod shirt with a tie. and after that i adapt his casual shirt fashion.