Food: The Way to Man's Heart

My husband walked into the kitchen after work yesterday and said, "Hon, I would love another one of those pork burritos. They were sooo goood!"

I responded, "well dear, they are gone, because they were sooo goood. (A look of sheer disappointment crossed his face.) But I have some delicious tortellini soup and tomato bisque that I just made."

His countenance brightened a little.

My man gobbled up the tortellini soup. Then said, "you know, that tortellini soup is really good!"  I scored another point with that one!

Case in point: The wise old adage: "the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach" is true and has now been proven. Did you know that when a man sees "his woman" cooking in the kitchen it releases the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is the "bonding hormone" that is released in women who have just given birth to a new baby. If you want to keep your man happy and fiercely loyal, then cook for him.

It's simple enough. Follow recipe directions, take a little bit of time, don a cute little domestic goddess apron, then just try to keep him out of the kitchen and his hands off the cook. I do as much swatting as I do stirring when he's on the premises.

I absolutely love cooking for my hunky hubby. I always have. The kitchen is my place to nurture my family! Go cook up some lovin today!

You may find the recipe for this amazing pork burrito with homemade tortillas and creamy tomatillo dressing on this web site under the label food.

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