Is She Adopted?

Genetics are funny things...For inquiring minds, I thought I would clear a few questions I commonly receive.

While having a pedicure and my daughter, Hayley, having a manicure on her birthday, the Korean nail technician looked at me then at Hayley. Then with a puzzled expression, she asked, "Is your husband...uhhh...is he...uhhh...Asian?" I chuckled because I know exactly what she was trying to figure out. I said, "no. he's Caucasian, but if you saw him then you would see the family resemblance." Then she finished with, "but...your daughter looks Asian!" As if she did not believe me.

While I was helping with a Halloween party in Hayley's second grade class, a little girl looked at me then at Hayley then back at me and burst out, "is she adopted?" I laughed and again explained, "if you saw Hayley's father then you would see that, no, Hayley is not adopted!" The little girl then said incredulously, "are you sure?" I do remember being there for the birth! And there was absolutely no question who the father was!

When our little neighbor girl moved in five years ago, she wrote in her journal after meeting Hayley, "I just met a fun, cute, nice girl named Hayley and I think she's Chinese!" 

So for the record, Hayley is of English, German, Swedish descant. No Asian blood! Not that we would mind if that were the case. My husband and I traveled to Osaka, Japan one month after our marriage for an all-star football game with Kyoto University. He was selected to play quarterback. Five other BYU football players were also chosen for this very special honor. We were there for ten days and enjoyed the culture and especially the  people. The women are so demure. Our female interpreter was adorable. We just could have used bigger drinking glasses.

When my younger brother was in his high school photography dark room developing one of the pictures he took of my oldest daughter, Madi, who was four months, a boy across from him looked down at the print floating in developing solution with the image coming into view and said, "who's the fat Chinese guy?" Well, I was offended! Just kidding! We have laughed and teased about that one for a long time. It's a great humbling tool we use when necessary.

Today at church, my oldest daughter, Madi, sat next to an attractive girl who is part Caucasian and part Korean. A new leader sat next to my daughter and looked at the two girls and exclaimed, "are you two sisters?" My daughter said, "no, I'm an Evans." Evans is a Welsh name.

In honor of all this confusion, I will post an Asian Spring Roll Recipe that is fun and tasty.


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