Chocolate Therapy

After a particularly hard day, I came home and made a batch of brownies. I thought of it as "chocolate therapy."

Confession: Normally, I would make something like this from scratch, but in this case I have discovered an incredibly good cheat--Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix.

The Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory is in San Francisco about a mile from the wharf. If anyone knows chocolate, it's Ghiradelli! If you're visiting San Francisco, stop in, but be careful' it may stop your heart--so decadent.

These two boys were a big hit with the women in San Fran. When they say there are desperate women in San Francisco, they aren't kidding! Women would "cat call" when these two hot guys walked by. It was a little bit obnoxious, but definitely funny!!

Can you really blame them? Who wouldn't want to sink their lips into those kissable chubby cheeks. And the drool? Well drool is the new cool! He's definitely a hunk of burning love--well, they both are!

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