Star of the Week

May I just begin with Hayley is the Star of the Week in her Elementary class. She is fortunate to have the most amazing gifted teacher!! Now a little about Hay. She loves to play with friends. She is best friends with her cousin Mckenna. Like most kids, she adores Disneyland and swimming. She enjoys dancing and spending time at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Southern Utah. Pink is her favorite color and homemade fudge is her favorite dessert! Fancy Nancy is her favorite book (See Fancy Nancy post.)which makes perfect sense because she is "Fancy Nancy."  Homemade pizza is her favorite dinner. Pride and Prejudice is her favorite movie. It's a family thing; we love Jane Austin. So the good news is we have rubbed off on our kids. 

Hayley, is a star in our family every day of the week!! We appreciate the good things she does. Last Summer, Hayley wanted to follow in her cousin, Mckenna's footsteps and donate her very pretty, long, brunette hair to the Locks of Love foundation--a non-profit organization that creates wigs for children with cancer. One month later, Hayley found out her friend, Hannah had a malignant brain tumor. We are happy to report that Hannah is doing very well and is cancer free. Hannah's hair is growing back too!

I'm always pleased when my children do what's right when the choice is placed before them!! We love you Hayley!

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