If your teen comes home from 3rd grade Market Day (Jake's Mom is a teacher and let the two of them participate with the students.) looking like a mohawked Van Gogh with a fake tatoo, then it better say "heart mom!"

Some people like BYU head coach, Bronco Mendenhall, want to know what the dog tags say. One says: Forever Strong and the other is a scripture in Luke: "With God, Nothing is Impossible!" Bronco said, "I like it!" This mom says, "so do I!"

Jeremy is a great teenager. He's funny, fun loving, obedient, and is striving to do the right thing! Oh! He was on the honor roll 4th quarter for awesome grades and he just finished his last merit badge for his Eagle Scout. It's time to begin his Eagle project. Good job Jer for your effort and hard work!

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