Mother's Day

Being a mother is my greatest joy! Yes, it is challenging at times. There have been days when I was so bone weary tired, I thought I would cry. But all in all, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I really am having the time of my life-- as the song goes.

Photo Tip: It's a nice tradition to take a photograph with each of your children. This is the first year my oldest son stands taller than I--for which he is giving high fives. That is now documented.

Here is a Lego interpretation of me created by two of my very smart kids. They went to work for about 30 minutes in Luke's room and came out with this Lego rendition of their mom. The shoes are heels and, yes, the hair is green. They needed the yellow blocks for the skin--so they say.

There's a story behind the green hair: Two days before Junior prom. I went swimming in a hotel pool in New Port Beach, California. When I stepped out of the water, my blond hair was as green as grass. When I looked in the bathroom mirror, I was horrified. I could not believe my eyes. Tears immediately began spilling over. What boy wants to go to prom with a girl with green hair? I was mortified! I continued to cry without solace while my parents scrambled--making phone calls, offering ideas, and trying to quell my distress over my tresses.

All the shampooing made no difference! My mom called a local salon (which had just closed.) The beautician would not be able to make an appointment for me, but suggested tomato juice. My dad rushed to the nearest grocery store and brought back an array of tomato products to pour on my hair. I went to work and sure enough the green washed out only after several washings with the tomato paste, juice, and sauce. Gratefully, I was blond again for prom. I think my date was grateful as well!

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