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During Women's Conference in April, Elle took the opportunity to meet her all time favorite author (sorry Joe), Brandon Mull-- the amazing author of the Fablehaven series. She has read all his books--more than once! She was delighted!! Not only is he a great writer, he is a super nice guy!!

 Joe also had the opportunity to meet a few women who attended the conference during his book signing at the BYU Bookstore! So many Groovy Moms out there! He was in good company with excellent women, but also with great authors like John Bytheway and Chad Lewis!

If you look close, you'll see Joe's book, Encompassing Charity, just to the right of the Worldwide Ward Cookbook. It was a little odd being back at our old Alma Mater--not for a BYU football alumni function, but for a book signing. Life is a surprise!!

Below: Luke, I, and Joe at the Smith Field House for the Anual BYU Football Alumni BBQ. It's always good to see friends--old and new!!

 Hayley with friend, Anne

This boy likes chili dogs!

Jeremy enjoyed meeting old and new coaches--which my husband,Joe, either played for or played with--including Lavell Edwards and Bronco Mendenhall! It's a small world in football!

A thought on reading aloud: I am a big believer! Utah Governor, Jon Huntsman, said, "Next to loving your children, reading aloud with them is one of the most positive things you can do. Reading offers a wealth of benefits and there is no downside. What parents do with their children when they are not in school has a powerful effect on learning. Parental involvement improves a child's academic achievement regardless of socioeconomic status, or the parents' education level."

I "caught" my 6 year old boy "reading" the newspaper and snapped a photograph. It struck me funny that he was reading the Religion-Ethics section, but it also moved me near to tears. Then when he brought home a rather hard Kindergarten book by Richard Scarry that he was able to read fairly well, my eyes misted again. I have a reader! His ability to read--beyond his grade level-- will help him in so many ways throughout his life. He won't be frustrated in school. He will get better grades. He won't struggle. He now has a higher probability of attending a fine college.

Much of what children do revolves around what parents do. As some of my early readers know, we do not have television. As a result, we do other things like read! Pick up a book today. It will change your children's lives!

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