California Summer Kick-off

We kicked off our Summer vacation in California. The weather was just perfect--not too hot, but warm enough for the beach and Disneyland. We enjoyed many of the same traditions including eating at the Cheesecake Factory and Crabcooker. We flanked our trip with stops in St. George and stayed at the Anaheim Marriott! We enjoyed lots of sun, sand, and swimming in the hotel pool!

Photo Tip: Casually coordinate your family's clothing. This sounds contrived--I know! But having a general color scheme--even sharing the same color of clothing makes photos look better and helps parents spot kids quick in a crowd! What more could you ask for when on vacation? I'm not advocating that you where the same t-shirt with your family's picture screen printed on with your name and year like I hate to admit saw a lot of! But rather pick a couple of colors and stick to those for the entire group--but no "matchy-matchy!"

Funny story: My sister-in-law's mother is a remarkable seamstress. She makes beautiful quilts and clothing. Well, one year she decided to make everyone in her family including children, children's spouses, and grandchildren a handmade rugby shirt for their trip to Disneyland. Well, needless to say when the men saw their homespun rugby shirts that matched every one else, they were a bit hesitant. But they did not want to hurt their mother-in-law's feelings either! (Smart move.) Well, as the family exited many of the park attractions and rides, people waiting in line would erupt into a spontaneous applause when they saw this family decked out in twiner rugby's. My sister-in-law wasn't so sure it wasn't because people thought they were "SPECIAL!"

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