Father's Day

Father's Day was a day that just kept on giving! We started celebrating Father's Day on Wednesday with dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Joe and I went out alone so we could stare into each others' eyes--only every so often did Joe peek over my shoulder to watch the final game in the NBA play offs between the Lakers and the Celtics. But who can blame the guy? We don't have television. So he is due! We picked up my parents from the Salt Lake City airport who were returning from Spain.

On Friday, Joe took us to one of our family favorite restaurants--Mi Ranchito for lunch. In the evening, we loaded four of our five kids in the Rubicon and went off road at Cascade Springs! It was perfect weather to bounce around in the jeep music blaring. After getting doused with water and mud, we stopped to eat at The Pizza Galleria in Midway where live music was playing. Their pizza is award winning--much more authentic than most pizza.

On Saturday, we had a t-ball game and appointments. My daughter, Elle, and I finished painting the pink room a luscious coffee color--transforming it from a pretty in pink room for girls into a man's office. That was our Father's Day gift to him!

On Father's Day, Joe spoke in church. He did a fabulous job! We kept the food pretty simple--grilled hot dogs for lunch and spaghetti for dinner with homemade lemon ice cream!

Luke created a Lego daddy for his gift to Joe. Madi and Hayley made him a card. Essentially, we are at a point where I can leave it up to the kids to do something thoughtful for their dad on Father's Day! We think we got the best dad around! He's loyal, strong, fun, kind, hard working, and loving! He's the hunkiest dad too! We love you Joe!!!

In her Lifestyle column on May 31, 2010 in the Deseret News, Ann Edwards Cannon wrote, 
An officiator of a wedding ceremony offered a young couple these words, "from here on out there is never enough time! That is why you should choose to make the time you have together sweet." Ann adds, "time is not an endless resource. So we should take moments we have--even our worst days--and somehow make them sweet."

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