Everyone Loves a Parade

Everyone loves a parade! We attended the Fourth of July parade and the How to Train Your Dragon float was my favorite! Loved it! And I'm such a baby. I choke up every time servicemen walked or rode in the parade. I really have a soft spot for those who serve in the military. There is something very touching about men and women who defend our freedoms. Am I the only person who cries when she sees them in a parade?!

Groovy Mom Confession: I have seen How to Train Your Dragon four times in the theater. I've never seen a movie that many times while it was still in the show house. I just really like the movie as do my kids. So it's a win-win!

Luke wasn't so enamored with the parade. He was ready to go after he saw the How to Train Your Dragon float.

Joe took a nap the last half of the parade. After all, the guy did get up and make breakfast!
God bless America!

This was my mother's favorite float!

Make sure you remember to take water. Water is the one thing the kids always ask for!!!

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