Hotel Park City 2010

Getting back to reality is a challenge after our fabulous stay at the Hotel Park City--one of the best small hotels in the world. We spent three days living like the rich and famous and now its back to school, housework, errands, grocery shopping, and cooking. But that is okay.

We reveled in amazing food, swimming every day in the gorgeous outdoor pool at the foot of the rocky mountains, drinking hot cocoa, playing games, and gabbing with family. The views were stunning. We became reacquainted with family who have been living in France for the last 18 years. It just happened that our family booked a room in the same hotel our friends own! What are the chances of that? We had no idea that they were even in Utah! So how could we not just drop everything and join them in the mountains?

Oui! We lived it up! Bonjour and au revoir!

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