Breakfast with Champions

Saturday morning, Joe and I enjoyed a breakfast with champions. We ate with the eight greatest quarterbacks in BYU's history including Virgil Carter, Elden Fortie, Marc Wilson, Gifford Nielsen, Jim Mcmahon, Steve Young, Robbie Bosco, and Ty Detmer--who Joe backed up. We ate french toast, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and orange juice. So you could say it was a breakfast of champions as well.

We sat at a table with John Walsh, Marc Wilson, Virgil Carter, Elden Fortie, Lavell and Patty Edwards. It was a delightful event with great people who were so genuine and down to earth. You might think being in company with so many accomplished, famous athletes and coaches that there would be some egos, but that was not my experience. Everyone in attendance couldn't be nicer or more gracious. It was a very sociable, amiable, fun group to associate with.

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