Game Day

Bring out the marching band!

Lavell Edwards is one of the nicest men you will ever meet. I have known Lavell since I was 12 years old and he has always been so kind! The BYU coaching staff and administration was really like extended family! I loved those years!

I just love the Varsity Club. It is a real treat to see old friends each home game under the white tent and enjoy a tailgate party and delicious food before the game!
 Take me out to the crowds!

Opening activities included a cannon shot by baseball legend Vern Law--Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher, MVP in 1960 world baseball series, and recipient of many awards including the Cy Young and Lou Gehrig Award--not to mention one of our dear friend! Then Jim Mcmahon carried the alumni flag onto the field to receive a rousing standing ovation by the fans! To read more: .http://universe.byu.edu/node/10414

Joe was welcome to join former BYU football players on the field when the current players enter the field, but chose not to.

We sat in the legacy chair seats and had a perfect view of the game not to mention a fun little cooler full of treats including a spoon for BYU's creamery ice cream distributed after the half!

During the half, a special presentation of BYU's past quarterbacks was made. The great eight were highlighted!

My husband Joe is in the middle (wearing a blue shirt) with a football for Lavell and Virgil Carter, Eldon Fortie, Gifford Nielsen, Marc Wilson, Jim Mcmahon, Steve Young, Robbie Bosco, and Ty Detmer to sign. It's a great ball!

Gifford Nielsen is a distant cousin of mine. He is also a general authority--a good man!
Joe is standing on the fifty yard line looking so very handsome!

All done being honored...I just love this guy--Joe--for so many reasons--too many to count. The highlight of the day for Joe was talking with and shaking hands with Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland! Talking about a guy who gets it--JOE gets it!

During the rest of the half, Joe and I found air conditioning and cover in the Alumni Room where Joe once enjoyed many cheeseburger snacks and Friday night meetings before Saturday games. And as if we had not had enough food for one day, we ate decadent brownies that were provided down there! Ughhh!

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