BYU Homecoming Game

These pictures are randomly placed, but I will attempt to give a short commentary. During BYU's homecoming week, Joe and I hosted some of his former college roommates as well as fellow players at our home over the weekend. You can't imagine what it is like attempting to feed over 1,000 pounds of collective weight. Thank you Papa Johns, you saved us!! Ten pizzas was sufficient following the Homecoming game against San Diego. Yes, we did eat at the Varsity Tent, but I have sworn off hot dogs and lunch was not going to hold for the BIG guys more than a couple of hours anyway.

Might I just interject that a woman feels very safe running around with a half dozen men who average 6'5 and weigh...well, weigh a lot! We had a pull up contest at one of the players homes and may I just add that these guys are very strong too! Thank you, Gina P. for hosting a fabulously fun BBQ at your lovely home!
Aside from feeding, football took center stage. The former players who gathered from the South, West, and East Coast, toured BYU's new facilities, enjoyed talking with their former coaches, and participating in all the festivities including joining the team on the field for warm up and eating treats in the Cougar Room at half time. It was like coming home. The guys had many pre-game meetings and cheeseburgers in this room.

It was a marvelous reunion. The stories recollected were hilarious and not too incriminating. The kids got to know their Dad and friends a little bit better over the weekend. We laughed heartily. I was in my element taking pictures and reveling in all the sights and sounds of game day! Players and band members were so close I could reach out and touch them, but rather just shot a few pics of them. The players sported pink for breast cancer awareness. BYU was victorious and the company we kept with its collective knowledge and commentary on the game could not be beat! It was a weekend to rival all weekends--like a family reunion with a great band of brothers! One funny anecdote, the children thought their dad was big, UNTIL these guys showed up then Joe looked like a runt.

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