Wilting sunflowers are still beautiful!

 Can you not help but think of Peter Rabbit when you look upon this cabbage?

 An ideal place for an active boy!

Purple Pansies are beautiful!

Two things I learned:

1. Kids outgrow PUMPKINLAND. My teen swore to never, ever go again. She even vowed to never even take her own children when she has them one day! I told her it was part of her maternal duties--no matter how hot, stinky, or unpleasant! In a nut shell: Fall activities--like meandering through pumpkin patches--do have an expiration date.

2. Lighting in midday is IMPOSSIBLE--but I already knew that; I just wanted to LAMENT the fact!  So NO great pictures. The younger kids really wanted to play rather than pose anyway--that I also knew! Here is to trying! Traditions die hard!

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