Provo Tabernacle Burns 12-2010

On Friday, December 17, The Historic Provo Tabernacle caught fire at reportedly 2:00 a.m. The building was still burning when I took some members of my family members to see the sad catastrophe and loss of this beautiful old building. It had beautiful wood pews and carved doors, a grand organ with pipes. This is where my oldest daughter's junior high graduation and my L.D.S seminary graduation took place. Gazing at this building still burning reminded me more of a movie scene than an actually occurrence. It was somewhat emotionally stirring. To watch the flames continue to burn red and orange and fire fighters working non-stop to extinguish the fire was truly something to behold.

 An astonishing sight! There is something very disheartening to see a town's beloved landmark in such a condition.

Madison and friends at the tabernacle after junior high graduation.

Principle Ungerman poses with students. She moonlights as an actress and singer. You many recognize her in the movie "Praise to the Man" and "Emma Smith." She starred as Emma Smith's mother in both films.

M & M posing with Principle Ungerman. Principle Ungerman told us she expected great things from our daughter.

M & M poses by the beautiful Tabernacle North door. This same door that has burned completely in pictures above.

Wonderful memories on the emerald lawn.

I just love these girls. They are all so accomplished, smart, and talented. Many of these girls spoke at this night's graduation!

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