Christmas Eve 2010

It's really not our style to do a Christmas program, but that is what we ended up doing Christmas Eve. The girls performed their violin and piano recital songs, "Lego Guy" sang Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts and I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas with "M&M" accompanying him on the guitar. "Bear" sang The Grinch song in addition to giving us all Santa hats to wear just in time for Christmas morning. Joe read Luke 2 and I read The Night Before Christmas. 

Our impromptu Christmas program was actually entertaining. According to tradition, the kids opened one gift each which just happened to be new pajamas. Gotta love that!

Cheetah print rocks!

Owl printed pajamas are the bomb! They just happens to coordinate with Lu Lu's newly designed hip bedroom that features owls. (Such a wise old bird.)

Bean Queen loved her gray, stylish pajama set.
Bear got a white t-shirt and lounge pants.


  1. I miss teaching your girls, but so glad to hear they're still playing!

    You have a great family.

  2. Thank you. Music is a must!