Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I accidentally swallowed my tooth. I hope you will forgive me.

From, L.

Lego Guy's second tooth was loose. He wiggled it with his tongue, but it still hung on. Then he took a bite to eat and swallowed the darn thing. You can be sure there is no retrieving it and putting it under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy now. L. got busy writing the Tooth Fairy a little note. That did the trick. Come to find out when you swallow a tooth, you get a dollar bill instead of coins. Not a bad deal. 

When my oldest daughter Madison lost her second tooth, it slipped down the bathroom sink drain as she was rinsing it. She cried and lamented, "what fun is it to lose a tooth, if it goes down the drain and the Tooth Fairy doesn't come and bring you money?"

I am happy to report that the tooth fairy did not let her down either. 

Now that is not to say that the Tooth Fairy has always been punctual. And when the Tooth Fairy does lapse, she does her best to make up the difference with a little extra BLING! She leaves "fairy dust" (glitter), money, and a note of apology. Magic!

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