Bishop' Ball

In early February, Joe and I hosted dinner for our friends and attended the Bishop's Ball which was organized by the single adult's in Joe's ward. I am always impressed by this group of single people who plan and implement so many fun and engaging activities for their peers. They take care of everything, the bishopric just has to show up.

The churche's cultural hall was decorated with white Christmas lights and blue and white balloons. The D.J. was excellent, though much of the music was unfamiliar to us. They served deli sandwiches, assorted fruit and water. On the tables were small bowls of Hershey kisses. They had a great turn out and everyone seemed to have a good time including us.

For our dinner, I served homemade lasagna, tossed salad, and garlic bread. For dessert, homemade chocolate cake ala mode. Not the most original dinner menu, but it as tasty. I played Italian music by Andrea Bocelli. We ate, talked, and used conversation cards to get to know each other a little better.

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