Freedoms Foundation Heroes Luncheon

The Freedoms Foundation Heroes luncheon was positively inspiring. So many amazing American patriots were honored including two of my favorite authors, Chris and Ted Stewart who wrote the phenomenal book, "Seven Miracles That Saved America." I highly recommend this book. It's a page turner! One high school boy was honored as a heroic friend. Mack is a cross country runner. His best friend, Jake, has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheel chair. Jake can only communicate using a key board and cannot feed himself. These two young men have been friends since they were both four years old.

Mack wanted to involve races boyhood friend in some of his athletic activities. The father and son team Hoyt inspired the idea. Mack gets his friend ready early in the morning three times a week to take him on training runs. Mack competes in races pushing his best friend in a special wheel chair. Mack says, "people tell me I'm such a good person. I tell them 'I love Jake. He's my best friend'." Not many dry eyes in the room.Over ten people were honored as heroes. This was an incredible afternoon.

The food was so good, I had my plate cleared before anyone on my table including the men. Little America Hotel serves the best rolls I have ever sunk my teeth into. We ate cheese and spinach stuffed chicken breasts with a creamy orange sauce. The dessert was a white chocolate, chocolate cheesecake. It was positively divine.

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