Like with any dance date, it begins by choosing your date then asking the person in a creative way. Madi and I found chocolate blocks that were cut and wrapped like a deck of face cards and some dice. We printed up the caption: Take a chance on me. Then we created the poster board using a black and white scalloped gingham border that we purchased at a school supply store.

The boy said yes with 26 live gold fish sent floating in Madi's bathroom tub. I couldn't deal with the slimy creatures and sent Madi and her friends to fish them out. Madi's friend kindly offered to take and care for them. She is truly a saint!

Madi's group went to the local beach resort for their pre-dance activity.

I got only a few pictures before Madi was off to pick up her date. The dance was at a chic Golf Club House.

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