Valentines Day

This year, we opted to spend time making creative Valentines boxes instead of putting a lot of work into the Valentine cards.
I purchased themed cards at the store and took my inspiration from the run of the mill cards which we filled with a Snicker bar.

For Bean Queen's, we made a duplicate of Shrek's outhouse using a juice carton, corrugated paper, faux flowers cut to look like leaves, thin rope, and fuzzy green ribbon that looks like swamp vines. The finishing touches included cutting some images out of the card box like the Wanted Ogre sign and Shrek himself. 

This box's theme really fit the mood of the day. My favorite Valentine was out of town on business and my youngest child was very sick with a high fever, throwing up, and a double ear infection. So between cleaning up vomit, going to the doctor, preparing for a church talk, helping the kids with Valentine boxes, preparing Lu Lu's class party, I was feeling like a grumpy Ogre myself. The humor was right on target. Note the toilet paper. 

We kept the "sick bowl" handy. I wrap a stainless steel bowl with a 13 gallon garbage sack when my kids are feeling sick to their stomach. I dump the contents in the toilet then seal and throw away the sack out of doors then re-line the bowl for another round. This keeps things as clean and easy to manage as possible. 

Again, I bought Scooby Doo Valentine cards. Then I made Lego Guy's Valentine box accordingly. We used a juice box to create the iconic Mystery Machine Van. We flipped it on its side, covered it with blue card stock, and cut out a "sun roof" for the Valentines to go through. We found a Mystery Machine image online. I googled Scooby Doo Images.

Lego Guy did not get to go to his class's Valentine's party and was really bummed about it. But his sister picked up his box full of treats for him.  Not as fun, but necessary.

We originally set out to make a cupcake shaped Valentine's box for Lu Lu, but we didn't have all the right materials on hand on a Sunday night. It was disappointing. So instead, we wrapped a box with birthday paper and attached balloons to resemble a birthday present.

In essence, a tired mom was losing steam with box number three and a sick child to attend to and husband out of town.

Even though our Valentine cards were vanilla this year, here are two of my favorites!


  1. My son would love this Mystery Machine Valentine box! Do you remember where you found the picture of the Mystery Machine online? Love your ideas!

  2. My son would love this Mystery Machine valentine box! Do you remember where you found the image online? Thanks! Love your blog!

  3. My son would love this Mystery Machine box. Do you remember where you found the image online?

  4. My son would love the Mystery Machine box. Do you remember where you found the image online? Thanks!