Owl Birthday Party

For my youngest son's 7th birthday, I vascillated between throwing a pirate party or an owl party. Since pirate themed parties are a little over done, I opted for an owl party last minute. I started with color and then planned the menu, table, games, activities, and treat bags.

I personalized bubbles with owl themed scrapbook paper. All you do is remove the plastic label, measure the bubble bottle, cut paper to fit, and use a glue stick to adhere it.

This movie is so beautiful. The colors and music were transforming. This movie inspired the theme of the party!

For the menu, I went with my owl color scheme:

Hamburgers grilled--I served mini grilled hamburgers on potato rolls.
Carrot and Celery sticks with dill dip
Deli style potato chips

In lieu of cake, I made the incredibly delicious s'more brownies.

The boys loved the food and asked for seconds and thirds. They were a fun group and had a really good time. The party fun, simple, and really delicious!

So for the treat bags, I added fun candies, chocolate, soda pop, play dough, and gum that shared the party's colors including Juicy Fruit gum, Lindor white chocolate balls, orange Jolly Rancher sucker, Raisinets, and a mini Shasta rootbeer. I thought the bags tied the color scheme together well.

And according to family tradition, we started the morning off with pancakes and the happy birthday song!

I couldn't ask for a better son. He has been a delight. His impersonation from How to Train Your Dragon is so comedic and funny as he rehearses the lines with an Irish accent.

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