St. Patrick's Day

One fun and simple tradition is to serve Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast on St. Patrick's Day.

Make mint chocolate chip shakes for dessert. Blend six scoops of mint ice cream and 1 cup milk in blender. Serves three.

No chance getting pinched when your hair is green. Temporary green streaks with the aid of green hair spray works for St. Patrick's Day but not so well six days before prom. That was my experience. My family and I had traveled to New Port Beach just a week before my junior prom. I wanted to stay fit on my vacation so I did laps in the hotel swimming pool. To my horror, when I went to the bathroom to shower, I discovered that my blond hair had turned grass green. I was mortified. Who would want to go to prom with a girl with green hair? Well, my parents started calling local salons for advice. The answer: Tomato Juice. Yep! Good old fashioned tomato juice. My dad was sent on the errand and he brought back a potpourri of products ranging from ketchup to tomato paste. I washed my hair with everything my dad loaded in the paper grocery sack and you know what? It did the trick. I may have smelled like ketchup, but at least my hair wasn't green.

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