Turning 40

For my 40th birthday, my amazing husband is sending my oldest daughter and I on a European Tour in a few short weeks. It is a life dream of mine about to come true. I am ecstatic to soon visit...

The London Bridge In Great Britain and...

 The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and...

The Seville Cathedral in Spain and...

Possibly the Peno Medio Palace in Lisbon, Portugal. From Portugal, we depart for home. That makes four countries in 17 days including air travel.

So I really can't feel too bad about turning 40 with a life dream coming into fruition, can I? 

I started my birthday celebration early in the week. Why not, Egh? You only turn 40 once. So I treated myself to a fabulous pedicure at Juicy Nails and ordered a bento box at Happy Sumo for lunch. Since my actual birthday landed on a Sunday, Joe and I ate dinner at Market Street Grill in South Jordan Saturday evening.

On Sunday, Joe had meetings and attended the Single's Ward so I was on my own most of the day. I set the table with some fun items and got busy cooking and preparing a fairly simple meal of Manti marinated chicken, broccoli salad, sticky rice, lemon bars, and Kalua cake. The menu sprang from the colors I chose including yellow, black, and white. 

Yah! I know that black is the designated color for 40th birthdays, but throwing in some yellow was cheerful. Come on...40 is NOT dead. Give me a break here. 

I made little treat bags for my family which included POPS, Peeps, Hershey's Chocolate, and Lindt white chocolate. 

 Pedicures with yellow polish rank up there with chocolate!

I think my kids would say the HIGHLIGHT of the day was when I blew out the candles on my birthday cake and LIT MY HAIR ON FIRE!  I'm not joking in the least!! It was horrible, but the family thought it was hilarious!!! 

I was trying to get every last candle blown out when part of my hair fell forward onto a candle and caught on FIRE!  The ends were cinged and smelled like burnt feathers. I cried, but recovered with the appeasement that my entire head did not go up in flames with all the hair spray in it. That was a blessing!

Just seconds before my hair was lit on FIRE!

I celebrated all the good things in my life especially my husband and five children!

This little guy could not get enough of the Kalua Cake! 

So the good news is I survived my 40th birthday by an inch of my hair!

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