BYU Football Alumni BBQ 2011

Joe is our BYU football alumni. It's always good to see and mingle with former players and coaches. The alumni receive a gift every year and are treated to live Hawaiian music and a BBQ.  

Jer enjoys this event each year. He practically eats, sleeps, and lives football--in whatever form or function. He doesn't mind all you can eat buffets either. 

Elle and Madi tolerated the event well enough. I guess football alum and old coaches don't hold a lot of interest for these two. 

Grumpy did not like the Hawaiian food.  So he played with it and then was off to play on the big blue track and field landing pads.

We could not help but reminisce the GLORY DAYS at BYU under Coach Lavell Edwards and his faithful staff which included my father as defensive coordinator. Those were the days!!!

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