Bucket Lists

What's on your bucket list?
My bucket list includes: 
Running a marathon. Check. 
Doing a triathlon. Check. 
Bike 50 plus miles. Check. 
Visit Amish country. Check. 
View the changing of the guard in London. Check. 
View a Van Gogh painting in person. Check.
See the Mona Lisa in person. Check. 
See the Eiffel Tower in person. Check.
Travel through Europe. Check.

There is something rather energizing and liberating about checking off items on a bucket list. At least it is for me. Traveling 17 days abroad throughout Europe was a dream come true. Cheers and hats off to my husband for making this possible for my oldest daughter and myself. We had a marvelous time and learned so much. There were so many good laughs and funny things along the way. We went to the Globe Theater in London and watched Shakespeare's play, "All's Well that Ends Well." That became a theme from the beginning of our travels abroad. What fun it is to travel with so many great people and build lasting bonds.

If you have not made a bucket list or wish list. Take a minute to do so. You might be surprised with how many things come to pass as your life progresses. I know I have. I didn't quite know how some of the things I set my heart on would ever come into fruition, but the good news is: THEY DID! Jump for JOY!!! Also, have your children make a bucket or wish list. I had my children make one and I was surprised what things they desired to do or accomplish. It is a great insight to your child's heart!!

Confession: I get somewhat emotional when my bucket list items are checked off. I was near inconsolable at the changing of the guards outside of Buckingham Palace. I was down right crying. Thank goodness for sunglasses! The whole idea of seeing those soldiers in their black bear skin hats and red suits with swords and straight faces was all it took to release the flood gates. I know. I know. What a baby!

Changing of the Guard--London, England    A real tear jerker!

Di Vinci's Mona Lisa is under plated glass in the Louvre in Paris, France for protection. 

The Mona Lisa is smaller than most people imagine.

If you don't know where to go to find the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, just follow the Asian tourists going about in throngs.

The Eiffel Tower is a architectural marvel made up of triangles.

This is the living version of Vincent van Gogh's A Wheat Field with Cypresses painting found in the National Gallery on a wall outside and to the left of the gallery. It is stunning piece of art work. 

When I gazed upon van Gogh's Sunflowers painting with the thick brushstrokes and vivid color I near wept. It was so incredible! My heart skipped!

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