European Tour Day 1

Well, I am lucky to be alive in London, England. I am beginning to think London has the craziest drivers in the world. Not to mention that pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way. Good to know. And if you do go the England, ALWAYS look both ways. Just when you think the coast in clear, a car comes out of no where and you are like a sitting duck.

Upon arrival after 12 hours of flying, I think the most charming thing was the English accents. Initially, I felt like someone had mysteriously dropped me off in a Harry Potter world. So funny. Like instead of saying goodbye. People sign off with "cheers." Their expressions also crack me up like, "you made it by a whisker."

There are so many incredible things to see, but so little time to soak it all up. The food is better than I imagined. The bread--pan--is so very good. Our tour pace is so quick, I can hardly snap a photo. Ughh!! It should calm down a little.

I'm running on two days without sleep and feeling it!

I have to admit, seeing the Queen of England on all the currency--and I do mean all the currency--tickled my fancy. It's so ROYAL!

Vacation rules: "If you see something you want to eat--Don't pass it up."


P.S.  Pics soon to follow.

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