I left my heart in London! London is a clean, cosmopolitan city to beat all cities--even New York--I'm sorry to say! London is my town!

We did not get the chance to ride the iconic red double-decker buses, but we were still thrilled as they sailed by.

Piccadilly Circus was the bomb!
It was just as I had imagined--artists drawing on white sketch pads on the steps of the Piccadilly fountain, pigeons everywhere pecking at the ground, double-decker buses zipping by. ENERGY. London is full of modern life, art, culture, and history!

Piccadilly Circus is the counterpart of America's New York Time Square.
We were only in London for a day and a half, so it was fast and furious. I had little opportunity to take pictures and almost got hit by a truck trying to do so.  But what a place. The food was fabulous. The people dressed fine. The buildings and architecture were gorgeous and the men smelled of expensive cologne.
We walked behind two gentlemen in suits carrying their leather briefcase in the tube and caught a whiff of their cologne. Hannah said, "they smell good." I nodded and added, "they really do." We burst out laughing. The funniest things happen when your traveling.

You couldn't miss our group, we had four red heads!

I became quite fond of the beautiful British Flag flapping in the air on flag poles, atop buildings, on cars, and on t-shirts. Of course, we had to have a t-shirt with Britain's flag. I love the red, white, and blue. Britain is our mother country after all.

I love the mix of modern and antiquated. The contrast was so fantastic! So much character!

The underground is also a life experience to be had. The tube speeds along rails sometimes well below the earth's surface. We descended three flights of stairs several times to catch the tube for a destination. It is really fascinating.

Behind Madi lies Christopher Wren's The Monument which marks the location where the Great Fire of London broke out in 1666  burning much of the old city and wiping out the bubonic plague spread by rats and only killing nine people. The baker's wife was one of the first casualties.

It was here that we met our Ghost Tour Guide. We walked through the allies and back ways of London while our very talented story teller spooked us with tales of Ghosts and hauntings. If you are ever in London, be sure and schedule a Ghost Tour. It is well worth it. 

We stood in down pouring rain and our feet in puddles most the night, but what fun. Not to mention somewhat informative. The best part..."A thump and a scrape. A thump and a scrape!" (You need to say that with a British accent.)

Madi and I stand in front of Buckingham Palace just after the changing of the guards. I was completely enthralled in all the royal pageantry and could not help but pinch myself. To think of all the royals--kings and queens that stood on the balcony behind us is astounding. 

I commented to a passerby that I wanted to be a queen. She said, "I wouldn't--all that responsibility." 
Another woman piped in, "I want to be a queen too." 

I added, "at least for a day." We laughed.

Then when I came home, I found out that some of my family lineage is directly linked to dozens of kings and queens of Europe including Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, and Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scotland, etc. Shocking I know!

How do the guards see out from under their bear skin? And remember: No SMILING under NO circumstance!

In London, stylish moms are called, "yummy mummies!" I hope I am one!

The left wing of Buckingham is where the queen's quarters are located (shown in the picture above). 

A girl couldn't ask for a better group to tour Europe with. They are amiable, smart, capable, bubbly, fun, interesting, caring, adorable, etc. My appreciation for each one grew over the course of 17 days. These ladies ROCK!

There is one thing not so lovely about London and that is the temperamental weather. One minute pouring rain, the next sun. 

We ate at Hummus Bros. The food had a mediterranean flair and I just loved it. The sign was great too: Give Peas a Chance. Not a bad theme for every kitchen with kids.

The hummus had a variety of flavors  and spices. The dish was topped with chicken and sprinkled with paprika and cilantro. You eat this dish with a stack of pita bread for dipping.

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