Rivalry Ride 2011

What was I thinking? It all started with an IDEA...I will join the Provo and Salt Lake City Mayors for a fifty mile bike ride from the Provo City Center to the Salt Lake City Center in downtown Salt Lake. Seemed like a reasonable thing to do...After all, I do ride my stationary bike several times a week.

 So my oldest daughter and I rented road bikes from Outdoors Unlimited on the BYU campus and drove to the Provo City Center to join several other bikers for this little journey on two wheels. We took a minute to pose with Cosmo--Brigham Young University's mascot. He's very congenial if I do say so myself.

 In honor of tradition, fans of BYU will ride from Provo to Salt Lake due to the fact that BYU lost to the U of U last fall in football. Thus, the name of the ride: Rivalry Ride. BYU and the U of U are BIG rivals in case you did not know that.
 We grabbed a few bars and Gatorade for after the ride, but generally skipped breakfast since we had already eaten and did not fancy a stomach cramp.
 The camera crew showed up for the ceremonial speeches given by each mayor. It is hard to feel comfortable in spandex with camera crews lingering around just in case they film a less than flattering view. But we took our chances.

 These two bikers have a nice working relationship despite the heated rivalry which really warmed my heart.
 Of course, this Rivalry Ride is not just about mayors, spandex, hard core road bikers, rivalries, but also something a little deeper--something a little more important than finishing first and having a police escort. It's about filling the Utah Food Bank not just each fall, but also all year.

 Madi was inspired by the speeches and ready to hit the road.
 I can assure you, neither of us touched these, but don't they look tempting and festive.
 It's not a race...
 The Cosmobile accompanied the mayors. For those who did not ride faster than 20 miles an hour were left in the mayors' dust.
 I got a flat less than a mile into the ride.

Unfortunately, I was not able to meet up with the group until the last 13 miles. At the last block, I collided with my daughter and we crashed to the ground just shy of the Salt Lake City Center. Madi made it the full 50 miles without so much as a water break which led to some medical drama to follow.


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