English Channel

The hills with the white face are--I hate to admit--THE CLIFFS OF DOVER! Try not to be as disappointed as I was! Allow them to live in infamy in your mind!

 The industrial park at the foot of The Cliffs of Dover really detracted from the romantic image I held in my mind.

One of the more interesting experiences traveling abroad was the variety of transportation which we used to get from country to country and city to city. Of course, we spent many hours on planes and buses, but we also rode on ferries, night trains, rail trains, metro, etc.

In retrospect, after the initial claustrophobia was put in check, I enjoyed the night train to Madrid, Spain the most. Our coach was small, but it included a sink, four beds, and life saving air conditioning. The movement of the train was very soothing. Hannah saved me initially by letting me view the movie Fever Pitch on her i-touch. It was the diversion I needed to get my mind off our tight quarters. But thank heaven I acclimated to my conditions fairly quickly.

The white Cliffs of Dover were not as romantic as movies have made them out to be. The chalky soil is what gives the cliffs their whiteness. They are steep, but not quite as high as I had imagined.

 Our own Ninja Turtle--Caroline.
We boarded our ferry in England and stepped off in France to--I'm happy to report--get our passports stamped. That is such a fun thing!


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