I was absolutely charmed by the shiny blue potted flowers all over Spain.

 We could only do dark, dusty cathedrals for so long then it was time to break loose and GO SHOPPING and soak up the sun in Espana!

 The tiny ally ways and streets were so fabulous. I was always surprised when a car would drive down one of them and fit!

 I really loved this castle type fortress with the dry moat. It is so medieval--quite literally.

Granada was the last Moorish stronghold in Spain until Isabella and her armies seized the country and by doing so united Spain. So we see as we tour yet another cathedral the Muslim architecture mixed with Catholic influence.

 Key hole door frames is decidedly Moorish.
 The fleur de lis is not Moorish.

 It was fun to see palm trees growing in the gardens and courtyards.

 These arched columns with the red and white stripes is quintessential Muslim. It would have been a mosque before it became a cathedral.

A word on being able to speak Spanish fluently at 13 years old: When you buy an icee and the writing is in Spanish, that is no problem, because you will be able to read the words that inform you just won a second icee and may redeem it instantly from the vendor you bought it from for free! Chaboom! Oh! Yeah!

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