La Mancha and Don Quixote

This was a traveling day, meaning we will drive on the bus for six plus hours to reach our next destination which was Costa Del Sol--Sun Coast. Not my favorite days of the tour, but our tour directors plan two to three stops along the way to break up the road. 

We stopped at La Mancha, a sleepy Spanish town honoring Don Quixote, the famed literary work.  We stopped for the bathrooms, bought a diet Coke and had a really yummy cinnamon, sugar tortilla in the shape of a flower as a snack.

We say adios to La Mancha, but not before the song Encarnacion from the movie, Nacho Libre got stuck in my head for the rest of the trip. And to my defense, I was not the only one who could not help but sing the song aloud. I noticed other girls on the tour spontaneously break out in that song. Hannah, I am talking about you!!

It was like a nun or Chancho would be walking by at any moment or Nacho on his three wheeled bike delivering holy tortilla chips. It just felt very much like Nacho Libre. The town was so quiet and parts dusty with knee high weeds. 

I leave you with the words from Nacho, "Chancho, sometimes when you are a man you wear stretchy pants in your room just for fun!"

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