Malaga and Marbella

 Marbella just feels like a vacation town with potted plants, outside seating, shopping on the walks.
 The streets of Marbella are so charming. So much care went into the designs and paving with stones and mosaic patterns.

 I am drawn to colorful painted doors with interesting hardware which you may have noticed.

 Just starting the day and I look and feel tired. However, that will not hold me back. We only have three more days until we are back in the United States.
 Beautiful sculptures dot market places and outside shopping centers.
 You can rinse off the sand at the elephant shower.
 Tourist cut outs add a touch of whimsy to this cafe.
 We were really tempted to load up at this out of doors candy stand.
 On Madi's bucket list was to visit a lighthouse. This was about as close as we got while in Europe.

 We spent the day eating, walking, and window shopping. We started at Goyo's for breakfast of ham and cheese quiche and some fine pastries.

 Fine chocolates with letters or monograms were available all over Spain and Portugal.

 Our waiter shared this photo op.

 Here is one of the mosaic street designs that impressed me.

 We stopped for a picture in front of a shop Michelle Obama visited while in Marbella in 2010.

 The beautiful flowering hanging plants and vines were quaint.

 Children walk home from school with parents for siesta and then return to school until 7:00 p.m.
 Madison found Holy water again!
 Statues of Saints are staples in Europe.
 Hanging terra cotta pots with flowers es bonito!

This all blanca (white) clothing store caught the attention of Michelle Obama. The shopkeepers were glad to have her business!

 I want this iron gate!

 Tile work on the side of buildings is very Spanish!

 What a cool tile bench!

 Eat your heart out Percy Jackson fans--The head of Medusa.

 Madi raved about her almond, mango gazpacho.

 Spain is very proud of their ham.The literally keep them under lock and key.

 This is a pig leg. Notice the metal lock just beneath the hoof.
 Lamoraga was the best food we had in all of Europe

 I could have dropped a few Euros here.
 I ordered a tapa (small portion) of ham and spinach wrapped in a flour tortilla with an interesting white cheese sauce laced with dried rose petals and a bitter herb for dipping. YUM!
 The beautifully rendered picture windows lent themselves to our cosmopolitan experience.
 Since Lamoranga restaurant wasn't enough, we hopped over two blocks to Lamoranga Sweet where we feasted on beautiful confections almost too gorgeous to eat.

Beautiful culinary masterpieces! Talk about edible art! And believe me--the taste did not disappoint.

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