While at the Costa Del Sol, we stayed at the Torreblanca Hotel which was about a block up from the beach.
 Behind Madi is the home of Antonio Banderas and his wife Melanie Griffith. They have a beautiful mansion right off the Mediterranean Sea. Of course it is surrounded by terra cotta colored stucco walls and Palm trees for privacy. It is a large estate complete with manicured gardens and swimming pool.

People would wear their swim suit or no swim suit at all and spend some time on the beach after eating a meal at Los Sardinales. You might guess from the name that this restaurant is known for its sardines. In fact, Spain and Portugal are mad about sardines. Old women will sit down to a plate full with skin, head and tails in tact. And only the bones and head will be left when they are finished. I just couldn't see the draw! I like fish, but I draw the line at Sardines!
Any who, Los Sardinales is a fine restaurant we dined at on the beach and next door to Antonio Banderas's estate in Marbella, Spain. Madi and I both ordered Salmon with a tomato cream sauce. It really was delicious. I downed several Cokes from a bottle.
 After a wonderful early dinner, we trekked up the mountain on Father's Day to my brother's home in Marbella to call home and wish my father and husband a happy Father's Day! It was so nice to hear their voices, but at the same time, it made me pine for home.
 After our wonderful seafood dinner, we drove up the mountain to my brother's homestead. There we called home to wish my father and husband a Happy Father's Day on this Sunday. It was nice talking to the kids and Joe, but it did cause me to pine for home.
 My brother's home reminded me of cabins at Sundance. It had that quality and surroundings. The home itself is white stucco with a terra cotta tile roof and kelly green would doors with a peak window. The furnishings included antiques, and some more contemporary pieces to add interest including some textiles from IKEA!

 Here lies Frita which means fried in Spanish. She was named Frita, because she acts "fried" or tired all the time. She is always lying around. I thought that possibly she was named after a Frito Lay Chip due to the color of her fur. I was wrong, but she still is a pretty senorita.
 This girl is Paca. She is full of energy unlike her counterpart, Frita. She was our honorary Marbella tour guide, because she liked to lead us on the trails around my brother's homestead. But what really inspired me about her is she is bilingual and I wish I was. Yes, a dog understands both English and Spanish and I can only understand English. So I felt somewhat pathetic.
 Madi is posing in front of the guest house.
 I want that!
 Hibiscus grow in Spain.

 You gotta love the life saver named Fernando after King Fernando of Aragon of 15th Century Spain.

 My hermanos's home has a very idyllic quality to it and I was very impressed with his gardens! Do you like the way I add a little Spanish, Jason? 
My daughter rolled her eyes a lot as I practiced some Spanish while in Spain.
 Believe it or not this is the my brother's private lake that we paddled on and swam in while dragon flies buzzed over our heads. In fact, the land is so alive with frogs, birds, and insects that it sounds like a buyou.

I bought a really groovy, sky blue scarf from H & M with dragon flies in Portugal as a reminder of the fun afternoon we spent here.
 Here is the boat which took us out on the lake. I almost broke into The Band Perry's song: If I Die Young based on Tennyson's poem..."If I die young, dress me in satin, lay me down in a bed of roses. Sink me in the river at dawn. Send me away with the words of a love song..."
 That's my blond head bobbing in the lake of shining waters. Jason, is it okay that I named your lake The Lake of Shining Waters. It would mean the world to me. Pretty please? Leave a comment with your permission!!
 Okay. I really loved the solid wood green doors with the grid over the peak window.

 It became our own tradition to go to the beach at night--when all the sun bathers and nudists had gone back to their hotel rooms, we would walk barefoot in the sand and talk. I think I will love those times best when I look back over our European adventure together!

 Each day was filled with adventure, learning, new sights, tastes, sounds, and laughs. Each night, we welcomed sleep. Buenas noches!

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