Notre dame Cathedral and Paris

Tres Chic indeed!
This was the flower district. When we first came upon this charming street a block or so away from the Notredame Cathedral, I made the joke that this was the flower district like in the movie, "You've Got Mail." Then we all burst out laughing when it turned out to be truly the flower district with rows and rows of shops specializing in flowers and plants and even a street name to solidify the fact.

Red headed Madi was posing with her London backpack under her blue coat like Quasimodo, Victor Hugo's character from The Hunchback of Notredame. Teenagers!

There is an interesting history behind the rose stained glass window in center and front of the Cathedral. During wars including WWII, lay people had carefully removed the glass from the cathedral and preserved it during the war. At the conclusion of the war, they replaced the glass. Now that is national pride!

 Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte coronation occurred at the Notredame Cathedral in Paris? Our tour director had many jokes about Napoleon Bonaparte.

Yep! I just keep shooting the camera.
 The rose stained glass window.
 You can barely see the infamous gargoyles on the corners of the cathedral.

 Rose Stained Glass Window

The gargoyles were added to cathedrals to SCARE away evil spirits. I think they would do a pretty good job, because they scare me!

 Here is an example of flying buttresses.

Don't you love the old architecture? So much personality!

We stopped by this famous little ice creamery on the back corner of the Notre dame Cathedral. I had their creme brulee ice cream flavor and Madi ordered the Tiramisu. The flavors were so gourmet and unusually. Sometimes they offer lavender mint ice cream. 
 Here is a tip if you are ever traveling to Paris and you are on a budget--The City of Lights, The City of Love--eat from the street vendors--especially the creperies and you will enjoy the food. Sadly to say, the croissants and bread were very extremely disappointing! However, the crepes held the redeeming quality for this foodie!

Brenda, my roommate, and I had such a good time. We shared so many laughs and were each others' sounding boards at the end of each exciting, tiring, sometimes chaotic day!

People take Paris to heart. I am not so sure that people are so affected in Paris because of the power of suggestion or if they really experience the emotion of love authentically. 
We saw so many couples madly making out on park benches throughout Paris. This couple stopped every couple yards to passionately kiss for the crowd. I actually looked around for an empty violin case. Maybe they were street performers hired to add to the ambiance--the mystic of Paris or not.
 This is goodbye to the Seine River--possibly forever.
Ally way of Paris. The cobble stone streets were everywhere. It's really true: People leisurely eat outside of cafes under umbrellas.

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