Madi and Audrey. We thought Madi had white skin. Our distant cousin, Audrey's skin is so white that they do not make a make-up that matches it.

 A view of the Seine.
Our So-So hotel outside of Paris. Our hotel provided adequate accommodations. It's always nice when free internet is offered. Not so fun when you are fumbling for Euros to keep a conversation on facebook going. That's a lot of pressure.
 Pinch me. I'm standing in front of the Louvre.

 We had our own personal Madeline on tour through Paris. She even recites lines from the MADELINE book series. Quite fun!
 I thought Madi looked like a true Parisian with the black and white striped cardigan, bling jeans, and aviator glasses.

 Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in EUROPE! Madi donned Hannah's Jeans for touring Paris. They tales these pants could tell!
They were the proud wearers of skinny jeans. Wear them while you can!
 The Three Madis in PARIS!

 The Glass Pyramid outside the Louvre.

 I really couldn't get over the beautiful and artistically rendered streets and walkways all over Europe. The inlaid stone and mosaic patterns were delightful!
The lamp posts were also charming details of the cities we visited.

 Originally, the glass pyramid was to be dismantled, but with fortune it was saved and became a permanent icon of Paris for the world just like the Eiffel Tower!

 Madi was contemplative at times.
 The Nike of Samothrace was one of Madi's favorite pieces of art. She was very moved to see it up close and personal! The sculpture is incredible with the details in the wings and folds of fabric. I love the patina as well.
It is said, that the athletic company, Nike, got its swish logo from this sculpture--a swish of wings! I would say that is likely!
 Da Vinci's famed Mona Lisa under bullet proof glass and well guarded. The history behind this masterpiece is also intriguing. She spent time under an artist's bed for years.
Now she is back in the Louvre for safe keeping.

 We knew exactly where to find the Mona Lisa in the mile long Louvre--Follow the large group of Asian Tourists with an intense look in their eyes who are on a quest. Then you are sure to find the Mona Lisa. It worked for us.
 As you may well know, the Louvre is ginormous and for that reason, it is best to choose a few pieces of art work you want to view and set out to find those half dozen. Otherwise, you many find yourself walking around the Louvre for days trying to see everything. 
What an incredible accomplishment and phenomenon this massive museum is. It contains some of the greatest artwork known to mankind. It is truly fascinating and awe inspiring to say the least.
 Greek nudes became the staple of our tour! One thirteen year old girl in our group said, "there are too many stone male parts in one room!"

I love the modern art just inside the glass pyramid.  

I dreamed a dream...

 What was once the King of France's Palace now houses one of the most prestigious museums in the world. Not a bad contribution to society. What a gift to mankind!
Ouvre to the Louvre!

On a bridge over the Seine River hung hundreds of locks. It reminded me of the gum wall in Seattle just not as gross. I actually loved the keyed fence. It held a certain amount of mystique!
Shopping in Paris. I can't believe this is happening to me!
Don't you love the way Europeans eat outside cafes on small colorful chairs and tables? That is so romantic.
Inside the picture window are a collection of old cigar butts.

A beret hat is a must in Paris. 

Here's the trick: Order from the vendors on the street. The food will be tres good and inexpensive. Find a creperie and enjoy!
Some of our favorite sweet crepes included salty caramel and traditional Nutella. For savory crepes, we loved barbecued chicken with grilled red onions, and traditional swiss cheese and ham. 
Some things will be greatly missed like crepe vendors on every corner! WiWi!

I lived a dream...

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