Seville, Spain

 A bullring in Seville. Seville is warm, full of history, and charming.
 Pablo was our tour guide for the first part of the day. He spoke excellent English and was enthusiastic about Spain's history and proud traditions.

 This is Spain weather--You style your hair in the morning to be straight and by evening it is curly.

 I loved this iron work--beautiful!
 This bull died of unnatural causes. It is true that the bulls are killed in the ring by the bullfighters.

The bullring stadium is very attractive with the tiled number for the seats, yellow dirt in the ring, and gold paint to highlight the white stucco exterior.

Bull fighter suits aren't fruity at all!
 Beautiful and fresh scented orange trees grow throughout Seville.
Colorful stucco apartment buildings line the cobble stone streets.

After the bull ring, we visited the Palace of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.

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