Wonder Woman

My oldest daughter's favorite super hero is Wonder Woman. She was fortunate enough to go to her High School's "El Cheapo" Dance as Wonder Woman thanks, in large part, to her date's mother who made this amazing costume for her! Madi was thrilled with the costume including the Lasso of Truth. 

I thought this costume was just perfect for her. It isn't easy being a teenager today especially when you need to stand up, stand out, and sometimes stand alone! Madi has done that and that makes her a little more like Wonder Woman in my book. 

Attending her third high school in four years has been challenging, but she has definitely taken it all in stride. A good attitude goes a long way and inner strength helps too. Thanks to Tanner's mom for making this wonderful costume for Madi. It was a treat to be Wonder Woman--even if for just one night!

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