Sunshine Week

Sunshine Week began with a caravan of our favorite people. 

 After locking the doors and piling in the cars we were ready. 

Luke chose to go in the vehicle playing the movie Tin Tin on DVD.

After three stops and four hours of driving we arrived in sunny St. George. 

Let the games begin! Joe got in the spirit with his red and white baseball shirt. 

Jer loves having his picture taken. 

Hear sits Elle with Katniss Braids with her nose in a book at the ball game. Elle will plow through a thick chapter book in approximately 3 to 4 hours. She is known to do it often. She loves the Hunger Games Series. Elle wants to be a literary agent or editor when she grows up. 

Three awesome guys. 

Three awesome kids. 

Okay. Is it just me or does this seen make you want to cry. Play the national anthem while players in uniform line up with hand over their heart and I fight the waterworks. It is embarrassing, but I just can't help it. This is a great American Scene that I never tire of--ever. 

I have sat through countless games in my life and I love every minute of it. I don't want these days to ever end. 

 One handsome stud if I do say so myself. 

A dip in the cool pool was welcome after the ballgame under the hot sun. 

Just add water and watch the happiness begin. 

Gratefully, a year later Hayley is doing much better after battling an auto immune disease. Last year, she kept swelling in random places and breaking out in angry hives all over her body.  She would look like a really cute Kwazimoto when unilateral parts of her face would swell.What a little trooper!

Spanish Fork Dons played very well even though they did not win the tournament. It was a fantastic Spring Vacation with our best friends and neighbors. 

On day three of the trip, we ate at the Bear Claw in historic downtown St. George for breakfast. 

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