Sweethearts Dance

Madi and Jeremy had been enrolled at Spanish Fork High School for about two weeks and it was time to ask to The Sweetheart's Dance. I was shocked when they both ended up attending. Madi asked handsome, Luigi. I was so thrilled that being the new kids in town and in the school deter them from jumping in and getting involved in the school's activities.

My children volunteered me to take some photographs of the group in the Riverwoods. What a darling group if I do say so myself. They had a terrific time.

Mariah asked Jeremy to the dance. By the time I got to Jer and his date, it was getting quite chilly. Poor Jer who is usually rosy cheeked like his mama was turning different shades of purple. 

Greg and Tina Magleby made the group waffles in the morning and then the group enjoyed the afternoon playing laser tag. Madi had welts from the competitive competition.

The guys.

The Dolls.

The group ate at Tucanos Restaurant also in the The Riverwoods Shopping Center. After the dance, they group gathered back at Magleby's for a movie and dessert.

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