Backyard Camping and Baseball

Here is a snap shot of our Summer in the country. Being in a new place, we essentially spent the entire summer together camping out in the back yard, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over an outdoor pit, many dollar movies, drives in the jeep to the Thirst Station, walks along the river path, trips to Glades for shakes, and of course, BASEBALL!

We were living in Spanish Fork for mere short six months. We wanted to give the town a try before we purchased a home. Even though the town had its charm, we came to the final conclusion that we wanted to move on and try another place to put down roots. 

After living in Provo for 12 years, we started to search all of Utah Valley for a place we want to finish raising our children. We considered Orem, Lindon, Mapleton, Salem, and Spanish Fork. However, our final conclusion after much thought and countless car rides, we decided upon American Fork. 

Our journey was both enjoyable and tough. Moving in the middle of icy winter followed by moving in the heat of summer had more challenges than I care to elaborate upon. Needless to say, things are working out wonderfully even with all the angst. For those rolling their eyes, our decision was not ALL about football, but was a multifaceted decision that considered all seven members of our family. 
We made some time to visit the LDS Provo Temple and participate in important activities there.


It seemed like I grilled for lunch and dinner every day in the summer. Admittedly, I did my fair share of cooking as I was finishing the details for my cookbook, Sweet and Savory: Award Winning Recipes Made Easy.

Luke is too cute in his Captain America P.J.s. Even though Superman is still my favorite super hero, Captain America is a close second. 

I even broke down and helped the kids with our annual lemonade and candy stand. The kids got bored waiting for customers and started to fill water balloons which they placed in the road for cars to drive over. 

 As tradition, Joe coached Luke's Little League Baseball team, The Blue Jays. Luke proved to be an excellent hitter and loved having his dad as the coach. I believe this was close to the 40th team Joe has coached the last 20 years of our marriage. That is a lot of volunteerism. Pass it on!

Elle and Hayley played in the Philly League throughout the summer. There were days when we literally had four baseball games. Needless to say, I spent a great majority of my summer on metal benches cheering on my children. Jeremy played on the Spanish Fork Dons Sophomore Team and did very well.

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