Breakfast and Boating

  Joe prefers to make his pancakes slightly charred. I like them golden.

This July 4, 2012, we commenced with our annual outdoor grilled breakfast. This time we kept it small--just the Magleby's over for pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and milk. Joe got up bright and early to prepare his man food for our family and friends. We almost passed on the tradition since we were in a different house, new neighborhood, but the kids would not hear of it.

And since I am not what you call a morning person, I let Joe at it. It's one of the few times he cooks, but I will tell you that he makes a fabulous breakfast. I don't cook, decorate, shop, zip. I crawl out of bed, get dressed, comb my hair, and eat. The kids love it, the neighbors love it, I love it.

This year our Fourth of July was chill. We sat around the yard in the warm morning sun discussing how the rest of the day will go. We usually go to the Provo Parade, but we did not want to fight that crowd. We usually watch the fireworks from out basketball court on lawn chairs with treats and neighbors, but we are renting that home. So we decided to do the sensible thing and go boating at Deer Creek for the remainder of the day! Perfect.

Tic-Tac-Toe--Three Calics in a row and PUT on some SUNSCREEN!

 Boating Hair rivals Bed Head.

 No. Joe is not sporting a white t-shirt. His sun lines gives new definition to "farmer's tan."

 Captain Luke at the helm.

 Gotta love those "chicklette" eight year old teeth.

We spent six hours on the lake with two coolers full of food and beverage. We rocked to music, boated, tubed, swam, and chatted. It was quintessential freedom. This was truly an ideal way to spend the Fourth of July--the Evans Seven together on a glistening Utah Lake.

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