Hotel Park City

When the boys go to football camp The Girls, Luke and I go to Camp Park City-my own little tradition.

 I love this brown eyed boy!

 Life is hard in the lap of luxury. I feel for the guy!

Every road, intersection, store, and business section was blocked off for at least fifteen minutes. At first, I thought there must have been some armed burglary with hostages or something to that effect. Policemen and cars dotted the area, armed, ready. 

After being held up in the Hotel Park City Parking lot, I finally got up the gumption to as a police officer what was going on. My imagination was racing with juicing possibilities.When the officer explained that Vice President Biden was about to be escorted along the road after giving a political presentation, I couldn't believe it. I said, "I didn't even vote for the guy." 

The security was greater than when English Prime Minister, Tony Blair left the white house after a meeting with George W. Bush. Is the guy's protection that crucial to practically shut down the public transportation system. He is only the Vice President for heaven's sake.

There were a dozen vehicles in the motorcade. It was ridiculous. I was growing impatient. People were making wise cracks. I was one of them. When the police officer saw me pull out my large Cannon Camera, he warned, "don't get shot!" I think he was serious!  Just my luck, I would be tasered or pummeled for shooting pictures.

We are indeed creatures of habit. We ate at the Pasta and Noodle on Main. This time we passed on the mocha shake that kept me awake all night last May when Madi ordered it instead of chocolate.

 This picture has a long and hilarious if not somewhat colorful story that probably shouldn't be shared on my G-rated blog. My three daughters are representing Ghandi's Three Monkeys--"Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil." All these aptly applied to a blonde mistake I made in picking up a free magazine in town for a political piece I wanted Madi to read about Mia Love and her run for congress in this upcoming election. 

Well, needless to say, as we turned the pages, it was just shocking what we were exposed to. That was quite an education. The pictures made us blush.Then I threw it in the trash. However, we had some roaring laughs over the innocent mistake I made. Some serious inside jokes going on here.

 I hear curves are coming into vogue. I sure hope so!

 Our home away from home. The hot cocoa and cider station as well as the chess set are big draws for my children. I always feel a bit like Eloise when staying here.

 This is where the queen sleeps, i.e. me.

We adore the mountain side outdoor pool, especially when we have it to ourselves. 

At night, we all converged in the hot tub to talk, eat treats, and drink Coke Coca Cola from retro glass bottles. The ink sky was glittering will bright twinkling stars. The large pine in the garden was covered in white Christmas lights. The ski slopes and mountain homes were lit up. If I did not know better, I would have thought Germany!

I'm ready to do it again!

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